Tekkno Polo (2013-2014)

In May 2013 the polish label »Oficyna Biedota« presents Jemek Jemowits EP »Tekkno Polo«. The new project combines the vibes of Berlins underground with styles of the polish controversial »Disco Polo« movement from the early 90s.

Arranged and Produced by Jemek Jemowit & Fabrizio Biscontri
All songs written by Jemek Jemowit,
Recorded by Fabrizio Biscontri at Power Sound Studio, Grosseto, IT, 2012
Mastered by Luis Miguélez, Berlin, D, 2012
Tape release on Oficyna Biedota, Wroclaw, PL, 2013
CD release on Jemcock Productions powered by Muschi Obermaier, D, 2013

photo by © Przemysław Pachut