Protest Song (2016-2017)

With his EP »wróg publiczny no. 1« (pol.: public enemy no. 1) the one-man band, DJ and conceptual artist takes position in four songs on the current political and social situation in Poland. He himself describes the EP as a “radical continuation” of his miniature “TEKKNO POLO”, published in 2013 by Oficyna Biedota: Unpatriotic and anti-polish. The protest songs were recorded at Nadel Eins Studio with one half of Jeans Team Franz Schütte.

Produced and mastered by Franz Schütte and Jemek Jemowit
Recorded at Nadel Eins Studio, Berlin, 2016

out on MARTIN HOSSBACH 09-12-2016

cover photo by Sandra Roczeń, Berlin, 2016
artwork by

photo by © Sandra Roczeň