Belle Copelin – You Don’t Care About Us

lyrics/music by Placebo

arranged by Belle and me

we made a couple of love songs certain time ago – more tba <3


New Ausländerbehörde™ video out now!





Iden- Iden- Identitär

I am really proud to drop today my big 2017’s project called Ausländerbehörde and premiere our video for our first single “Identitär”. The Identitäre Bewegung is a white nationalist movement … *wikipedia* We were so obsessed and fascinated about them, they deserve an athem. Voila! So who in hell is AUSLÄNDERBEHÖRDE? It’s Mohammad Abu Hajar from Tartous, Syria, and me – Jemek from Gdynia, Poland.

We were announced already for a show back in August on berlin’s Pop Kultur Festival 2017 that Abu Hajar (along with 7 other acts) boycotted according to a festivals partnership with the embassy of Israel. You might know I played on that festivals substitutional and did my Jemek Jemowit Best Of Gala™. I am really happy Mohammad and me found back together with respect to our decisions on boycott and non-boycott.

JEMEK 2.0 ist online!!!! nach dem Umbau! Vielen Dank an Berkan von Hoffe keiner vermisst den alten Shit:

<3 ~ Jemek

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