The Satanist (2018-?666)

Immediately after his 10 years anniversary, Jemek converts to Satanism . With his third studio production Das Satanische Album (German for the satanic album) he creates an punk sermon with impulsive dance beats. This work of the devil will be released in December 2018 on Cleopatra Records (LA, and Reverend Campanelli Records (Berlin, on all known streaming platforms and 180gr SUPER HEAVY SATANIC VINYL.


photo by © Joanna Chwiłkowska

Iden- Iden- Identitär

I am really proud to drop today my big 2017’s project called Ausländerbehörde and premiere our video for our first single “Identitär”. The Identitäre Bewegung is a white nationalist movement … *wikipedia* We were so obsessed and fascinated about them, they deserve an athem. Voila! So who in hell is AUSLÄNDERBEHÖRDE? It’s Mohammad Abu Hajar from Tartous, Syria, and me – Jemek from Gdynia, Poland.

We were announced already for a show back in August on berlin’s Pop Kultur Festival 2017 that Abu Hajar (along with 7 other acts) boycotted according to a festivals partnership with the embassy of Israel. You might know I played on that festivals substitutional and did my Jemek Jemowit Best Of Gala™. I am really happy Mohammad and me found back together with respect to our decisions on boycott and non-boycott.

Protest Song (2016-2017)

With his EP »wróg publiczny no. 1« (pol.: public enemy no. 1) the one-man band, DJ and conceptual artist takes position in four songs on the current political and social situation in Poland. He himself describes the EP as a “radical continuation” of his miniature “TEKKNO POLO”, published in 2013 by Oficyna Biedota: Unpatriotic and anti-polish. The protest songs were recorded at Nadel Eins Studio with one half of Jeans Team Franz Schütte.

Produced and mastered by Franz Schütte and Jemek Jemowit
Recorded at Nadel Eins Studio, Berlin, 2016

out on MARTIN HOSSBACH 09-12-2016

cover photo by Sandra Roczeń, Berlin, 2016
artwork by

photo by © Sandra Roczeň

MC Doktor Dres (2015)

Mit »Jemek Jemowit is Doktor Dres« bewegt sich One-Man-Band, DJ und Konzeptkünstler Jemek Jemowit zwischen Rap alter Schule, Südstaaten-Trap und EBM, kongenial abgemischt vom berühmt-berüchtigten Hardcore-und Techno-Urgestein Marc Acardipane. Die anarchisch-dadaistischen und stellenweise sehr expliziten Texte (nicht umsonst warnt ein Aufkleber auf dem Cover des neues Albums in »Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics«-Manier vor »Schimpfwörtern«) formuliert der nach eigener Aussage »postpatriotische« Jemowit einerseits auf Polnisch, der Sprache seiner Eltern, und auf Deutsch, der Sprache des Landes, in dem er aufwuchs, studierte und heute noch lebt. ~Martin Hossbach, 2015

All tracks written by Jemek Jemowit
Produced by Jemek Jemowit
Recorded at Nadel Eins Studio, Berlin
Mixed by Marc Acardipane at Planet Phuture, Hamburg
Mastered by Frederic Stader at Music Matters Mastering, Berlin
Front cover illustration by SHALTMIRA based on a photo by Lumi Luis
Artwork by

photo by © Norman Behrendt

Tekkno Polo (2013-2014)

In May 2013 the polish label »Oficyna Biedota« presents Jemek Jemowits EP »Tekkno Polo«. The new project combines the vibes of Berlins underground with styles of the polish controversial »Disco Polo« movement from the early 90s.

Arranged and Produced by Jemek Jemowit & Fabrizio Biscontri
All songs written by Jemek Jemowit,
Recorded by Fabrizio Biscontri at Power Sound Studio, Grosseto, IT, 2012
Mastered by Luis Miguélez, Berlin, D, 2012
Tape release on Oficyna Biedota, Wroclaw, PL, 2013
CD release on Jemcock Productions powered by Muschi Obermaier, D, 2013

photo by © Przemysław Pachut

New Wave/Beat (2010-2012)

Arranged and Produced by Jemek Jemowit
All songs written by Jemek Jemowit,
except »Sad Ostateczny«: Lyrics by god
Recorded at Jemcock Productions Studios, Berlin, D, 2011 / Mastered by Luis Miguelez at Records to Kill Studios, Berlin, D, 2011 / Vinyl release on Fabrika Records, Athens, GR, 2011
CD release on Oficyna Biedota, Wroclaw, PL, 2012

photo by © Gonzalo Armas

Electrockabilly (2007-2010)

In 1989 as fate would have it, leaving Poland behind for the bright and big city lights of Berlin, Jemek Jemowit since has made a name for himself as the only true Electrobilly Artist. A man with no need for a superfluous Rock`n Roll band to shake the room, with smash hits like “Jive Johnny” or “Mp3 Mädchen”.


photo by © Christian Asbach